Distribution & Logistics

Pressure from suppliers to move inventory and demands from clients to have product shipped yesterday is standard operating procedure for distribution companies. In today’s connected economy, customers have a variety of options to get the products they need. As a result, modern distributors need to be more than just a middle-man. Customer service, product expertise, material availability and competitive pricing will make or break a distributor. Without an efficient system to manage inventory, track customer activities, process accurate transactions and build customer relations, it is easy to lose out to the competition. Our integrated customer engagement and finance solutions allow companies to turn leads and meaningful opportunities into recurring business while keeping tight control on fast-moving inventory, storage costs and forecasted bottlenecks.

Ascent Understands Distribution & Logistics


Ascent understands that unless a system is easy to use, it won’t be used right. When it comes to distribution and logistics, inbound and outbound orders, inventory and tracking information needs to be created and accessed easily to prevent lost shipments and lost time.


If shipments don’t leave the dock, then invoices aren’t generated and bills are not paid. Ascent understands that gaining the most efficiency from your system allows your organization to flourish.

Our customer had a need that our software system integrates with five of their internal applications, Oracle ERP, CRM, EDI, Document processing and payment gateway. We partnered with Ascent team and we worked closely from the early discussions through the successful delivery.
Customer is satisfied and we are so happy to have a true partner like Ascent, working closely with our developers, business analysts, IT, QA and managers.

Michael W
Regional Account Manager, BP Solutions company

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