Should I upgrade my Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations?

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Should I Upgrade Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations?

Find few of the benefits of upgrading to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Cloud.

1. Functional Enhancements

Few new features and functionalities those were not available in Microsoft Dynamics AX, that are now built-into Dynamics 365 Fin & Ops.

  • Advance Warehousing
  • Transportation Management
  • Mobile Time sheet
  • Project Enhancements
  • Auto Bank Reconciliation
  • Positive Pay
  • Enhanced Financial Dimensions
  • RFQ (request for quotation)
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Public Sector
  • Azure Dev Ops
  • Task Recorder
  • Automated Testing Suite
  • Global Address Book
  • Office 365 Add-in
  • Vendor Collaboration Portal
  • Retail & POS
  • Product Catalogs
  • Trade Allowance

There are many more additional functionalities available through App Source, from Microsoft and third-party providers. Of course, the framework exists to build your own in future.

2. Integrated Business Operations

With Dynamics 365, people and processes are all integrated, resulting in a much better experience for your employees and your clients.

Your data and workflow seamlessly moves across all your departments. You get to build your software system according to your business operations, and not have to tweak or twist because of mosaic of systems you may have.

  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Talent
  • Sales
  • Field Service
  • Retail

3. Business Insights

  • With Dynamics 365, you can now easily realize the benefits of latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Forecasting.
  • Leverage the unlimited power of Flow (integration), PowerApps (extensibility) and Power BI (insights), giving your business a real advantage.

4. Web Client

  • Modern & Mobile-friendly User Experience
  • Dynamics 365 Fin & Ops has a user-friendly interface and is available anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Savings on the user training and improved user productivity.

5. Microsoft Cloud

Leader in the cloud space.

  • Office 365 – Active Directory & Authentication
  • Top quality infrastructure maintenance
  • Scalability & flexibility
  • Consistent Upgrades
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery
  • Cybersecurity Monitoring & Threat Management
  • Intrusion detection & Ongoing Application Penetration testing

6. Cost of Ownership

  • Freeing up your infrastructure workforce to work on other projects.
  • Cloud model provides more visibility into the operating costs of your solution.
  • Huge savings in the total cost of application (infrastructure, application maintenance, software license combined).

7. Support Lifecycle

  • Support for Dynamics AX is nearing its end and current users are transitioning to Dynamics 365 Fin & Ops.
  • Software Patches, Application Updates, Security fixes would not be available in time or not at all.
  • The Application Support resources and User forums will start drying up.

Our Microsoft certified professionals are ready to guide you through the process, and request a personalized TCO comparison.


About the Author

Sohena Hafiz is the President at Ascent Innovations LLC.

Sohena has extensive experience both in Technical and Functional roles over 22 years delivering customer-centric solutions in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

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Author: Sohena Hafiz



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